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I don't know whether to recommend Spec Ops: The Line, because having finished it I'm quite sure that I never want to play it again. It's very mean to shooter fans and its gameplay is pretty indifferent.

But despite it being set in a city occupied by refugees and American troops in the middle of the desert and wracked by sandstorms, it reminds me very strongly of Bioshock. It uses Nolan North to his fullest potential. It had Bjork and Jimi Hendrix in the soundtrack! It makes "No Russian" look utterly absurd (which is good, because it was). Its visual design should be freakin' studied.

If you do decide to play it, I would recommend lining up a game where you can just walk around being nice to people and chocolate (or your comfort drink of choice) for afterwards. And try not to think about white phosphorous.

There is not a single speaking female role, though, which is aggravating.
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