Mar. 9th, 2014 07:59 am
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I made the shift! This may have have been due to the lovely and well-explained instructions provided by the Dreamwidth folks that allowed me to import all my stuff. (Because I can't just leave it there or something. What do you take me for, some kind of crazy person? I must have my posts. My posts. My precioussss.)

So hello again! I apologise for the long vanishment. I tried to make my presence known, but "popping up out of the blue to jabber for a while and then sinking again" was probably not that effective or, er, endearing. I assure you that I was not dead or in even moderate peril - just angry at Livejournal and confused by Tumblr.

I am studying English Literature so that I may get a degree. It is enjoyable! This semester we are looking at Romanticism. The level of pouting performed by authors I once viewed with awe is spectacular. One thing I love very much about this topic (and the Arts) is that studying these people who've been enshrined in the halls of Brilliant Creators reveals - to my slight surprise - that they are still people. And this fact makes their work far more appealing, because it didn't arise from some hidden wellspring of genius that no one else discovered, but from where art arises in anyone. Things like sadness, joy, anger, frustration, boredom and - of course - the need for money. Some of the Romanticists thought they could found great governments and societies on their philosophising, so they could be as naive as we are, too. It's a continuously repeated but always wonderful discovery to make. Especially with the additional discovery that women wrote just as well and just as much, even if that keeps being forgotten.

...That was all a bit heavier than I intended, so have a picture of one of my dogs. His name is Caliban. I named him that because I thought the name the shelter gave him was too dignified. He's mostly called Cal, and he is a good boy.

Whosh a good boy? )

Good boy.


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