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Name:Extremely Small A. Alces Sighting
Birthdate:Apr 6
Website:A Wine-Soaked Poetess Seeks Vengeance
I'm an Australian who goes by the name Nano. Mostly I talk about things I find cool, those being fiction books, animated movies, and video games. I study English Literature in a sort-of-organised semi-official way that requires money and such. This is pretty much just a sneaky method of studying story-telling in general. I am very excited about the possibilities inherent in new media and will talk at length about them if not actively prevented using duct tape.

Nice to meet you.

Follow me, if you like. Unfollow me, if you want. I don't mind either way. I'm pretty chill on these topics. I am not chill on other topics. My mind is open and I respect critical thought. Opinions that lack either of these things will likely be ignored if expressed. Caveat lecter.

Be prepared to see photographs of dogs accompanied by nonsensical captions.

If you do take the trouble to say hello, I'll probably try and make you play a game developed by Looking Glass Studios. You should save yourself the trouble and go play one of their games now.

I'll wait.

Interests (138):

actively not shipping, all books ever in all time and space, all the fictional women you hate, alliteration, alternative, ambient, angel, animation, assonance, avatar: the last airbender, basically media in general, big weird cities, bioshock, bioware, blithering, buffy the vampire slayer, cartoons, cooing at dogs, cowboy bebop, creative and understandable misspelling, creative cursing, creative grammar, diana wynne jones, discworld, dishonored, disney movies post-suck, disney movies pre-suck, dogs, dogs dogs dogs, dork dork dork, dragon age, drawing, dredd, earthsea, edgar allan poe, elder scrolls, electronic, every mythology ever, examining and deconstructing video games, fallen london, fallout, fear, fictional con artists, final fantasy x, firefly, frankenstein, frictional games, games with views, garth nix, gentleman bastard, goddamn tea, greyed-out interests, grim fandango, gunnerkrigg court, half-life, harry potter, homestuck, i can totally explain, ico, incoherent explanations, increasingly eclectic musical descriptors, invader zim, jhonen vasquez, johnny the homicidal maniac, joss whedon, jthm, kagerou the webcomic, kiss kiss bang bang, long words, looking glass studios, looking glass thief, made-up words, major explosions, mask of the betrayer, mass effect, mcu, minor explosions, more writing, music, narratives, nbc hannibal, neil gaiman, not eidos thief, obscure words, observing fandom from afar, old kingdom trilogy, oldschool lucasarts, onomatopoeia, order of the stick, our new fantasy overlords, over-analysing, peculiar etymology, pinstripes, pixar, planescape torment, pointless facts, politeness in adversity, prank wars, prince of persia, prog rock, psychological horror, psychonauts, puella magi madoka magica, punch inna face, rambling, reconstructing and altering video games, ridiculous excuses, rock, saga, sandman, scott lynch, serenity, shootin dudes, silent hill, silly history, skulduggery pleasant, snark, sneakity sneak sneak, spec ops: the line, stalker, star wars, stealth, sunderlandian cartography, surreal horror, surreal humour, system shock, terry pratchett, the last of us, thief, uncharted, ursula le guin, valve, video games, welcome to night vale, western rpgs, woking, words in general, writing
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